GBH Design, Special Design & Build Lifts

When we were asked by Lerch Bates back in January 2012 if we knew of a manufacturer who can provide a rotating circular glass lift for a very special customer we did not hesitate before answering “yes we do.”, in our opinion, GBH Design are the manufacturer and installer of the finest design and build lifts in the industry and we are very proud to be their representative in the UK.

The following lift projects are just an example of some of these.

Millennium Pier
Blackfriars Bridge, London

1000kg, 13 Person, free-standing circular Scenic Passenger Lift, External and open to the elements.

Case Study

Four Seasons Hotel
10 Trinity Square, London

2 x 1300kg, 17 Person, square scenic passenger lifts of the highest quality in a spectral coating bronze colour finish.

Case Study

Louis Vuitton
Selfridges, Oxford St. London

900kg, 12 Person, hydraulic circular rotating scenic lift in a mirror finish stainless steel and low iron glass finish.

Case Study

Chanel Fine Jewellery Boutique
173 New Bond St. London

1175kg, 15 Person traction scenic lift installed in the Chanel fine jewelry store so designed that the machine, balance weight, and technical equipment is not visible.

Case Study

Watches of Switzerland
155 Regent St. London

The 1125kg, 15 Person, a hydraulic circular scenic lift was designed to complement this spectacular designed London flagship store.

Case Study

Radisson Blu Hotel
Berlin, Germany

In certain circles, possibly the world’s best-known lift.

Case Study

Bailong Lift Zhangjiajie
Hunan Province, China

The world’s highest group of free running-lifts.

Case Study

Burghausen, Germany

630kg, 8 Person, hydraulic circular scenic lift with all loadings supported from the roof of the building.

Case Study

Pyramiden Kogel
Kärnten, Austria

GBH’s circular scenic lift runs within the world’s highest free-standing viewing tower, the traction driven lift has a 20 person, 1500Kg rated load and travels 71m at 1,6 m/s.

Case Study

Meydan Hotel

GBH have provided and installed four groups of full glass triplex passenger lifts in freestanding open-air shafts within this extraordinary hotel, the 2.7m high lift car glass walls, floor, and ceiling reflect the variable colour lighting from the handrails which contain Swarovski crystals. The under-driven doors have a clear opening of 1200mm wide x 2.65m high, the full height car operating panel is manufactured in black, back painted glass; the installations are a 2:1 traction with a 1600Kg load and travel between 35 and 50m.

Case Study

Ski Jump Klingenthal

1000Kg drum drive traction lift traveling 31m to Ski Jump level, lift designed to operate up to -15° centigrade.

Case Study

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